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If you have an older home, the interior walls may have been finished using lath & plaster instead of drywall.

Most homes prior to the Second World War were built with lath and plaster walls, as opposed to the drywall method more commonly used in today’s construction. Thin pieces of cedar (called lath) were nailed onto the 2×4 framing, then wet plaster was applied onto the lath in one to three applications.

Depending on the quality of the original installation and the maintenance of the home, such lath and plaster walls, may be in good condition with proper maintenance.

While many would argue that drywall has numerous advantages over lath and plaster walls, certain wall details, such a cove ceiling, are not easily duplicated with drywall.

We are one of the few lath and plaster contractors that do exist, and we are available to restore old plaster walls, repair damage, or create the special acoustical effects associated with plaster surfaces. Such plaster work is relatively expensive. However, with continual maintenance it is not usually necessary.

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